Available courses

The Vagus Nerve is arguably THE most important nerve in the body. It controls such important functions as heart rate, breathing and digestion. Also orgasm!!

Learning how to test for it and balance it will really help your clients in so many ways (not just their sex lives - haha!).

Kinesiology Foundation Course

This course is for those who want to:

  • go on to train to become professional Kinesiologists
  • add muscle-testing and other kinesiology techniques to their existing therapy work
  • massively improve their own health
  • help family and friends with their health
  • have fun learning about natural health with like-minded people

Systematic Kinesiology (SK) is a truly holistic natural therapy which uses easy-to-learn, non-invasive techniques to bring about balance in all four areas of health: structure, biochemistry, emotions and energy. The origins of SK lie in chiropractic and in Chinese medicine but the Foundation course is open to those with no previous health knowledge.